Crab Cake Sandwhich (specifically the ccs at Tower Oaks happy hour at half price)
Hey Ryan, I'll have a Bass Ale and a CCS.
by MatMc May 11, 2008
Abrieviation for a local Bucks County Punk/Ska band called Counter-Culture Superheroes.
Yo did you guys hear those basslines? Yeah Fred of CCS is sick!
by Counter-Culture Superheroes January 22, 2007
CCS- The three things women are made for
veronica: HEY!! BILLY lets "Hang OUT"
Billy: hey veronica fuck you bitch!!!CCS for LIFE NIGGGGGGAAAA!!!
by Eric Hart January 22, 2005
Christian Centennial School in Terrace.

aka: A bunch of bible fucking, god humping, "christian" limp dicks who think they're better than everyone because they're dutch.
I would rather get ass raped by a sliver covered broom stick than go to CCS.
by RTR May 01, 2005
1 of the worst clubs in UBC history. The ppl in it are fags
by Anonymous April 30, 2003

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