stands for capitalistic cunts
those CC's at the store wouldn't let me have my medicine because i didn't have the money to pay for it.
by squilliam November 17, 2006
a gay ass sk8in mag with high prices
Man ccs has high prices
An acronym standing for California Cock Sucker. Used to degrade hippie fags.
If that CCS looks at me wrong one more time with his bleached hair and bandanna I am going to throat stomp him.
by 3030 September 15, 2008
1. Cock Craving Syndrome- a mental disorder in which a person has an insatiable taste for the male penis

causes include:
a) sexual experience earlier than 14 years old
b) having sex with well endowed men
c) just bein a straight out hoe
can occur in men or women
can result in awkward mornings, STD's, and a loose vagina or rectum

there is no cure
similar to nymphomania
psychological help is preferred for patients with CCS
Chris-"Hey eric I think your mom might have a case of CCS"
Eric- "What is CCS? Should I be worried?"
Chris- "Cock Craving Syndrome and don't worry from last night I could tell your mom had it bad and I gave her a fix"
by bogzybogz June 22, 2010
A Girl With 36 C Bra Size
That Girl Got Some Cc's
by ehhdee May 06, 2010
An abbreviation for Canadian Cock Smoocher.

Generally a person who acts like a fool or who's sexuality is questionable.
Will is such a CCS, he keeps asking me if I want to go out for coffee with him.
by cardboard642 August 22, 2010
A highly popular combat/roleplaying system within Second Life. Originally created for a specific dark roleplaying sim(in-game island), it has grown over the years and spread to other sims, gaining thousands of users worldwide. In CCS you get to choose among ten races, each ith its own abilities, strength, and weakness and play within any environment of your choosing, whether it be an urban setting with guns, drugs, hookers, a gothic setting with vampires, werewolves, and demonic shit, a fantasy setting with swords, dungeons, and dragons, or any combination of the above things. Combat and roleplay is sophisticated, involving alot of matching wits, and you do it mostly with other people and rarely computer AIs. The longer you stay and play, the more experience points you get and the higher the level your character will become. Experience points can also be awarded as well for good roleplay and winning battles. A highly social-darwinistic game in which most players are adults (hell SL is not intended for minors anyway) plus you dont have to be a nerd with no life to join in. In fact it attracts many people whom wouldnt be considered as such.
CCS is WoW for non nerdy people.

CCS is social darwinism at its finest.

CCS makes SL much more exciting.

CCS is dark, violent, gory, bloody, depraved, etc. and not intended for minors or people who cant handle a good defeat.
by Terminus_Est November 17, 2010

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