An abbreviation used for Choclate Chip Muffins often by a group of kids in 3rd period free at the ABR HS.
BBM for Blueberry Muffin
"Guys lets go get some CCMS"
by VParizzle October 18, 2006
Top Definition
It's the acronym of "Che Cosa Meravigliosa", that would be "What a wonderful thing".
Used to express astonishment in italian web chat.

me: "Ho comprato la moto che tanto desideravo...."
you :"ccm!"
by amarata February 22, 2007
Cheap Chinese Mentality. Used against chinese people who, have a cheap mentality, and always think in terms of lowest prices 24-7. The people you hate to go shopping with.
Ching: Hey $2 for a box of chicken, that's way expensive!
Dong: Stop having such a CCM and get it already will you.
by baa_baa_blacksheep January 10, 2010
It's the acronym of "Che Cosa Meravigliosa", that would be "What a wonderful thing".
Used to express astonishment in certain situations.
A: to type the @ sign you can press AltGR and the @ key
B: ccm
by KaSSa February 21, 2007
Crazy Chick Magnet - 1)A person who intentionally, or unintentionally attracts nothing but unexplainable, insane, drama queens. 2)A person with a history of dating unstable females.
Mattie can't seem to meet a discerning woman. It's like he is nothing but a CCM.
by MTS73 August 22, 2010
Also known as cryptic cheerleading messages. Universal usage by anyone.. not limited to cheerleading
I just heard that the freshman class used a CCMS at the pep rally a few minutes ago in which they told the seniors to SOAD!!!
What did the seniors do?
Nothing.. they didnt know what they were saying to them.
by chicago andy January 24, 2007
Classic Company Man: Ironic acronym used to describe a wanky business speak types (WBST) who loves using wanky acronyms.
WBST: "Let's drill down on the YoY results vis a vis FTBs"

Me: "Please die you CCM c*nt"
by Pattttty October 28, 2014
"crazy chronic mission"

a long hunt, usually occuring late at night (or early in the morning) for chronic(marijauna, grass, green, ganja ,weed , pot). usually occurs after a party or excessive drinking. and involves long treks across town
"yo dude, we're out of chron... WHOSE UP FOR A C.C.M.!?!?!"
by gillem van joyce August 27, 2005
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