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cba is another term for can't be arsed... usually used in IMing...
Izzy: mate, do you want to go into town today?

Emma: cba mate...
by emotionalemma July 14, 2009
35 25
a.k.a collective bargaining agreement. it is the biggest piece of bull shit and is the reason for the NFL and NBA lockout
yeah..goddamn owners and players can't agree on a cba
by scalabrienieforprez69 July 01, 2011
33 24
Can't Be Arsed Syndrome
"Oh man I have serious CBAS and its only 10.30am!"
by Bumsalad July 06, 2005
10 7
Cost-benefit analysis
These investment alternatives will be compared by using a CBA to determine the optimal investment path.
by 2well October 10, 2013
2 3
Abbreviation for cute baby animals
Omg look at all those CBAs I think I might die of cute overload
by MaryJane12345 June 12, 2011
12 14
This means "cant be arsed", but in addition, it may be followed by a number between 1 - 10, and including decimal places. This shows the degree of how much one cannot be arsed.
Person 1: Do you fancy going to the pub for a few cheeky ones?
Person 2: Hmm, nah mate, CBA 7.2 to get ready.
by Lorelaii January 28, 2008
86 94
CBA = Cute Boy Activity. The amount of cute boys that comment or like a girl's status on any of the social networks.
"Hey, girl - Any CBA today?"
"Oh yeah, lots! Brian from my economics class liked my status update, Eric from work retweeted my Instagram photo; and Jared all not only liked, but also commented on my YouTube video!"
by Crafty Chica February 26, 2012
1 14