This means "cant be arsed", but in addition, it may be followed by a number between 1 - 10, and including decimal places. This shows the degree of how much one cannot be arsed.
Person 1: Do you fancy going to the pub for a few cheeky ones?
Person 2: Hmm, nah mate, CBA 7.2 to get ready.
by Lorelaii January 28, 2008
A polite acronym for "couldn't be arsed."

Synonyms: "tough," "tough shit," "I guess you're SOL," "couldn't care less."

1. Mel: "Are you going to sew your own costumes or buy them readymade for the Twilight party?"

Kay: "CBA."

by kero frangipani pants February 08, 2009
Certified Badass

So badass, one would think that the subject had gone to a school of badassness
Man did u see stephen kick that guy in the face? That was CBA!
by Gentlefoot December 12, 2009
CBA = Cute Boy Activity. The amount of cute boys that comment or like a girl's status on any of the social networks.
"Hey, girl - Any CBA today?"
"Oh yeah, lots! Brian from my economics class liked my status update, Eric from work retweeted my Instagram photo; and Jared all not only liked, but also commented on my YouTube video!"
by Crafty Chica February 26, 2012
Certified Badass
I can picture myself riding that Ducati 1198, all the people would say that guy is one CBA!
by Richie Richhh June 27, 2009
Can't be asked.
A:Pass me the TV remote
by him-over-there September 20, 2009
Charlie Brown Adults - the droning voice of the adults in charlie brown cartoons, much like the droning on of a boring conversationalist. You know, the ones we tune out.
Tom (with Joe, at a seminar): Hey Joe! Can you hear the music way off in the distance?

Joe: Nah, all I can hear are the CBA's on stage! wah wah, wah wah wah wah...rambling on and on.
by wishingwel April 16, 2009

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