Inexpensive baking powder biscuits, sold in a tube in the refrigerated section. You have to rap the tube hard against the corner of a counter top to open them up, then separate them and put them on a cookie sheet. Bake them for 10 or 15 minutes, then put some butter & jam on them and eat 'em. Cheap stomach fillers.
Hey, pass me a couple of those catheads . . .
by mcyofd July 22, 2006
cat heads---Southern term for Biscuits--the kind your grandmaw makes.
Ya'll come eat--the cat heads are getting cold!
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
A biscuit.

A term generally used in the south or by older people. Usually refers to a homemade biscuit and not that store bought junk that comes in a can.
The best thing about granny's cat heads is there's no can to blow up in your face while you're opening it.
by BuckFuddy October 21, 2010
generic, of no brand, no frills
I was going to buy Lucky Charms but I decided to buy this cathead brand instead.
by angrydigitalguy January 19, 2011
A Male with long hair. Resembles having a cat on ones head.
Look at that Cat Head over there, should get his fucking hair cut, fag.
by The Raggedy Doctor April 05, 2010
A person of Asian descent due to their head resembling a cat's.
Look at that shitty driver.... They must be a cat head.
by Simple Si December 27, 2010
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