the kid from the grudge who meows...
that cat boy jumped out and scared the shit outta me
by AK-47 Ruff Ridas May 31, 2006
Top Definition
Either a male human that is half-cat(thus having cat ears, a cat tail, and paws) or a male cat that is half human(thus standing upright and having slightly more human anatomy.)
Sometimes also used to refer to a male that acts like a cat.
"My boyfriend is such a catboy..."

"Do you like stories with catboys?"
by Psychosis Poet November 23, 2004
An effeminate man of the slender hipped variety. Not necessarily gay, but certainly could be mistaken as being so. Often found working within in the PR industry
Where's that mincing cat boy gone? Off to meet that Bread boy again no doubt?
by Noun Enttity January 09, 2009
Used to describe a gentleman that on a night out attracts a lady or ladies only to bring them back home and loose interest. Similar to the actions of a feline that might return with quarry to leave it upon the door mat.

To act with the attention span of a knat.

One who emulates a feline in pursuit of partners.
I see he is being his usual catboy self, bringing back birds and doing nothing with them.
by maxbadger October 24, 2010
A word used to describe when a boy is going from a twink into an otter or a bear. It is the middle stage where the boy outgrows the twink description but is not fully ready to accept being a bear. Cat boys are usually around 5'6 to 6 feet tall, possess the much desired dad bod but with nice arms and legs, not alot of body or peubic hair, smart, love to have fun and go on a dad hunt (aka look for dads), and are normally versatile.
Wow, that young boy has a nice gut but isnt totally hairy yet, he is obviously a cat boy.
by Evilqueen May 14, 2015
Lame or openly metrosexual
Cat boy is Lame
Devin is Lame.
by penis mcvag October 11, 2008
One who practices erotic love making to the feline family
Bavetta is a fucking catboy.
by rydawg January 23, 2004

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