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1. A round vessel for keeping liquids (primarily water) in it. A lota with a spout is used for cleansing oneself after urination or definition and this use is primarily associated with Muslims of South Asia i.e. Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, however, similar vessels are used in other Muslim countries too for personal hygiene. It is also used for wadu or ablution by some Muslims. A lota used for ablution is kept separate from the one used in toilet.
2. (In Pakistan) A politician with a tendency of changing political loyalties. This definition comes from the fact that if tilted on its side, a lota (vessel) can easily roll towards the slop.
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has become a lota? (i.e. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has changed his political party.)

Do not vote for Mushahid Hussain. He is a lota.
by Haider September 30, 2007
word used by the girls at the Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington MD. Stands for Lady of the Academy.
girl #1: hey is that the Academy of the Holy Cross school ring?
Girls #2: yes it is!
Girl #1: we are fellow lotas!
by vkeps December 06, 2010
The pot that is in the bathroom that you use to clean your butt hole thoroughly with water. Toilet paper is applied after it to dry up the butt.
A: Oh crap. I have to crap!
B: My bathroom is right down the hall.
A: Okay, thanks.
B: Make sure you use the lota. If you don't, you will stain your underpants with crap.
A: Oh! Thanks for telling me. I will go use that lota and put hot water in it.
B: Ok.
by master_of_lota June 15, 2009
A bottle of water kept by the toilet for personal hygeine.
Lotas are commonly associated with Muslims in the Indian Subcontinent.
by LudwigVan October 01, 2004
A selfish and untrustworthy person who would betray anyone for slight personal gains
Man, you are such a freaking lota!
by Capt. O December 15, 2003
The Lovers Of Triangles Association. An exclusive club for people who love triangles. The Number One place for people who love triangles.
Math Teacher: I better go join LOTA.
Steven: LOTA, Noooooooooooooooooooo!
by A Lover Of Triangles August 28, 2005
Is in italian "Merda di mucca" = Cowshit/Bullshit
Guy: STFU, lota....
owned guy: *warps away...*
by Totore September 07, 2006
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