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1. One who works with turbines
2. To assist with gaseous feedback
That man, him over there, he's a turby. A Tubot you say? No fish at all - he works with turbines.
by maxbadger October 15, 2010
Oh My Fucking Good God
Dude - shall we crash a house party and work the states on 20Mtrs?


omfgg! what a good idea!
by maxbadger October 08, 2010
Used to describe a gentleman that on a night out attracts a lady or ladies only to bring them back home and loose interest. Similar to the actions of a feline that might return with quarry to leave it upon the door mat.

To act with the attention span of a knat.

One who emulates a feline in pursuit of partners.
I see he is being his usual catboy self, bringing back birds and doing nothing with them.
by maxbadger October 24, 2010

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