v. to case out-- to swap out the internals of recently purchased piece of hardware so that you get new hardware, and then you return your old hardware in the new case to place of purchase thereby screwing retailers or manufacturers or both. The casing method works well on modular PC components... optical drives, computers, gaming systems, anything with a case. Similar to boxing. In other words, a white collar way to possibly steal expensive hardware.
1. Casing my 1TB hard drive that failed on day 10 has saved me many days-- maybe weeks-- that would normally be spent on trying to get a replacement through warranty work.

2. The cheapest way to get a blue-ray drive is to case it with an old 52x.
by Tomsnafu November 18, 2009
1) face (see grill)

2) Business, e.g. "get out of my business"

3) personal space in general.
Why are you all up in my case?
by number25 February 24, 2005
A drug dealing group
Person 1- You know that 'Case' on the 200th block
Person 2- Yeah they be movin pounds a day nobody can touch them.
by Big _ E June 06, 2010
The word used to describe the last possible card that can help your hand in poker.
Three people folded aces, so I needed the case ace.
by Heather Clemens April 30, 2007
A wingnut. Someone stuck in circular "reasoning".
Jerry thinks his girlfriend has aliens spying on him night and day. Jerry's a friggin' case.
by roger the fabricator February 17, 2004
1. 24 Beers in a Carton/Case.
2. To intensely 'suss' something out.
1. "We got a case and chilled out watchin' the footy."
2. "We had to case the joint before we pulled the bankjob, to 'suss-out' the security they had."
by Diego September 04, 2003
to kill
you know like put in a casket, hence case.
man i'm gonna case that bastard if he fucks with my girl again.
by stevedem June 10, 2008

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