Black slang for having to go to court. Can also be used for picking up STDs.
Nigga, I gotta go to cou't on Monday, cuz I be catchin' cases.
by M. Broman April 15, 2003
Noun: 1. A 24-pack of beer. 2. NOT any other increment of beer.
1.I picked up a case of Miller Lite for the party.

2. Loser: I picked up a 30-case of beer for the game tonight.
Normal Person: Dude, you mean you got a 30-PACK for the game.
Loser: No dude, it's a 30-case.
Normal Person: You're a fag. A case is 24 cans of beer; NOT 6, 12, 18, or 30!
by Dave May 01, 2005
1. a terrible boyfriend

2. stoner

3. bad egg
girl 1: Hey look theres that stoner kid Case!
girl 2:yeah I hear hes a terrible boyfriend.
by peaceandfree October 20, 2009
To copy and steal everything. ~ "C"opy "A"nd "S"teal "E"verything
I totally cased this word from the Portland crew. Now it's mine.
by Christine W. June 10, 2006
A man with a big beer belly.
Yo I got six-pack abs you just have to drink the first 18 cans to see it!
by dkarez4u May 16, 2005
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