A wingnut. Someone stuck in circular "reasoning".
Jerry thinks his girlfriend has aliens spying on him night and day. Jerry's a friggin' case.
by roger the fabricator February 17, 2004
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In the West a case is 12 beers (bottles or cans). In Ontario and out East a case is 24 beers (bottle or cans).
Person 1: I got a case of beer, eh.
Person 2: What a bonus! When you said 'case' I forgot that you are from Halifax. Your East coast hospitality is appreciated.
Person 1: It's a hoppy ale, kind of bitter, I hope that's OK.
Person 2: Sounds good to me. The mere fact that it's not 'lite' beer assures me that you are worthy to drink with. People who drink 'lite' beer should be shot and pissed on.
Person 1: Fuckin' rights, eh. Bottom line is there's 24 of 'em.
by arsehat1972 February 14, 2007
1. Verb-To check out in advance. Ususally used in reference to a place you plan to burglarize or commit an act of mischief at.

2. Noun-24 pack of beer.
"Lets go case the house first so we know the easiest and quietest way to break in."

"Can you pick up a case on the way here?"
by Edgar Friendly October 12, 2004
Twelve bottles or cans of beer in Western Canada or twenty four cans or bottles of beer out East.
The distance between Edmonton and Prince George is about a case of beer
by arsehat1972 February 14, 2007
When you bottom out by landing heavily on your bike so bad that you end up with either broken testicles or mild spinal injuries. Often referred to "casing it", a case is a most unfortunate occurance that freeriders and dirt jumpers fear for the safety of their gonads. Usually happens when a rider is over zealous with their own ability and land shitty.
Shit man, Mike was a little too keen and overshot the landing and fell 20ft to flat. He gonna need a lawyer for that case.
by Coinage October 24, 2006
adj: synonym for awesome or great.
Dude, check out the case ass on that chick.
by Establishment July 29, 2010
to case - verb

To maim someone's brain in a surreptitious attempt to silence and/or discredit them.

"Case" refers to the main character in Neuromancer, the book on which the Matrix was based. In Neuromancer, Case is poisoned by former crime bosses to give him symptoms of ALS, so that he can never use computers again.
1) The government didn't appreciate the attention he brought to the NSA's surveillance, so they cased him with bedbug poison.

2) I really don't know what happened to him. One week he was fine and the next he could barely carry on a conversation. I think he got cased by his CIA handler.
by william gibson February 01, 2014
A substitute for "shit". Popular in the central New Jersey area.
Wow.... You just stepped in a huge pile of dog case." "I really have to take a huge case right now." "What's all this case doing on the floor!
by MrP. April 25, 2011

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