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A Carney is someone who specializes in tricky business. Usually a cash business without refund. Intention of selling something you don't really need. Who will overlook safety of the Carnival rides in order to make a buck. A person who is only qualification is to lie, cheat and steel from anyone who will be taken advantage of. Scum of this earth. Usually having poor hygiene. A disrespectful person who have nothing to actually be happy about. A person who has no real friends.
This ferris wheel is fine! We just had it fixed three years ago from another unqualified Carney. We need to make money, who cares about safety. Freak accidents happen! Hahaha!
by Smart 13 February 16, 2015
A desperate person who survives through trickery and the eating of human flesh. They have no life or soul and can be found in trailers, carnivals, and on a couch drinking GO2 Cola. Much like thiers zombie bretheren they can only be killed by cutting of thier head or destroying their brain.
I don't like walking past this creepy graveyard there could be a hungery carney waiting in there.
by truthspeaker101 June 19, 2009
nice but a little dirty. can be referencing a persons personal care habits or dressing habits.
"she is hot except for her feet, toes are a bit carney"
"he thinks he looks really great tonight except that coat is so carney!!"
by 1just-ice January 25, 2009
A carnival worker. Usually an adult male or female missing two or more teeth or possibly missing two or more of their limbs. They are masters of their craft which usually involves pulling a lever to make a ride move or pushing a button to make a ride stop. Most carneys enjoy a tasty marlboro red and the beer of their choice while operating the rides.
Bob: Hey lets go ride the ferris wheel!
Sue: We can't. The carney operating the ride is passed out.
by urge311 August 21, 2013
An insulting term for a pikey person, when gypsy is not strong enough, but they do not warrant the full blown Pitsea
"Stop eating that stuff from the bin, you dirty carney"
by Michael A A February 08, 2008
Carney is a great place to live, not to far from both Parkville and Perry Hall. Us kids are not the snobs walking around Perry Hall nor are we the kids running the streets late at night in parkville, we are in between but still able to have lots of fun!
Britany Lane, where everyone lives ! Playing Flashlight tag until the latehours of the night, Swimming in the pool no matter how dark or how cold it was. This was the life, growing up in Carney
by J-J-0 August 21, 2005
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