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What you have when you see a ride so fly that you shoot a load in your pants.
"Look at that car!"
"Ohhhh, man, I think I just had a Cargasm"
by 8E4Vette July 03, 2003
The intense feeling of insurmountable pleasure received when one views, drives, or hears an automobile unlike any other.
Damn, I had a cargasm at the exact moment that my "Jap piece of shit" Lexus TOASTED cory's "built to fail" Crapstang.
by Cory sucks April 16, 2006
An orgasm that is less sexual and more joy-filled that originated from looking at a car, sitting in a car, looking at a picture of a car, being in a presence of a car, or other things relating to cars.
I sat in a Vanquish today and I got the biggest cargasm!

I saw a pic for the new Demon! Total cargasm!
by Syn122 January 21, 2009
The event in which a person (usually male) exhibits orgasm like symptoms in the presence of a rare and/or exquisetly modified automobile.
"When Nate saw that Lambo sittin on 24 inch blades, he had a car-gasm."
by Cody October 28, 2003
The intense moment of pleasure one gets from a vehicle, whether seeing, drivvng, or hearing it.
I had a cargasm when I hit third and wasted that jap piece of shit honda
by cory March 21, 2005
I think it is pretty much self explanatory if you ask me...You see a HOT car...and you just can't contain yourself!
Everytime I see a Nissan Skyline GT-R I have a car-gasm! Which may be better than the real thing!
by EMO IS THE NEW COUNTRY! March 09, 2006
what you get when you google a bugatti veyron or a lamborghini reventon
when i watch a video with a reventon or bugatti in it...i have a cargasm
by oneday May 29, 2009
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