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(noun<informal>) when one's excitement is too much for passing cars and uncontrollably naming cars and having an orgasmic breath pattern. word family cargasmer, cargasmatism, cargasmous.
my friend is having multiple cargasms in a row he is naming every single passing car and stating its features.
by beast070296 March 03, 2011
Having an orgasm within the car while tapping on the gas.
I had a cargasm the other day in my toyota it felt awesome.
by bhensel April 17, 2009
the act of messing around with a significant other in a parked car resulting in orgasm
The chemistry between us was intense. On our first date we never made it to dinner. Instead, I let Carl give me a "cargasm" in the restaurant parking lot.
by Tramp 2 July 14, 2010
The impulsive scream/yell/cry of relief made as soon as you close the door when entering a warm vehicle from the freezing cold outdoors.
She sprinted to her car, shivering and teeth chattering, and shouted as she slammed the door, "GAHHH IT'S FUCKIN COLD!!". Total cargasm.
by writerdude February 28, 2009