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The summer and spring version of winter sledding (on snow). Cardboarding takes place on a grassy, steep hill and instead of riding a plastic or metal sled, you ride a large piece of cardboard.

It may sound hella lame, but its actually quite amusing on a summer day.
"I miss sledding :("
"well we can go cardboarding now that summer is here!"
#sledding #summer #spring #grass #hills #hill
by Laur6336 June 11, 2008
The verb to describe an effect (generally negative) that results from the conversion of a 2D film in to a 3D, whereby aspects of the scene whilst having an overall sense of depth, appear more like cardboard cut-outs rather that fully depthed objects.
The effect is created by the way the rotascope 'slices' the image in to its respective 3D elements, finer slices create more depth.
I did enjoy Burton's Alice movie, but at times the cardboarding was distracting.
#3d #2d #special effects #rotoscope #rendering
by michaeltreman April 02, 2010
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