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Typically, a car whore is a man who is insatiable in his desire to own and experience different makes / models of high-line automobiles (e.g., vintage German and Italian marques). A car whore is often working on a limited budget and is an avid do-it-yourself mechanic (i.e., a DIY'er). This individual typically sells or otherwise changes cars over relatively short time intervals (e.g., 6 months - 18 months). When questioned about these behaviors, the car whore may justify it by likening himself to a wine connoisseur in that he is merely sampling various marques and models.
"Dude, you are such a car whore! How long did you own that 308 GTS Quattrovalvole before you sold it to pick-up that sweet 911S...maybe 6-months?"
by ParataxicD January 12, 2010
12 3
a girl who goes out with a guy just because of his car, not because he is hot ect. Car whores are usually found in Civics or Integras that have fart cans and a park bench spoiler.
Gosh, I am such a car whore
by Emily August 11, 2003
18 9
A car whore is a promiscuous eyesore female who prostitutes her body in exchange for a lift in a car. Rather than being paid with money or drugs, the female eyesore will commerce sexual favours for a ride in an automotive vehicle. This is often demonstrated infront of Myaree Leech Hwy MacDonalds resteraunt on a thursday night in Perth, Western Australia.
quote of a carwhore: my slimey flaps stains all the car seats with my rags, and they're like - cool lets go to psc illegal drags
by carwhore April 27, 2004
16 11
A car whore is some one who is regularly in someone else's car. It normally refers to a girl who is going out with an older boy because she can ride around in his car with him. However the term has started to become a term for someone who is in someone elses car alot.
by carwhorebbeg October 04, 2010
4 2
See Car Slut
'That car slut only fucks dudes with Skylines or Ferraris'
by Diego November 14, 2003
7 6