It's when someone is sitting next to something you can do the captains pose and fart next to them. Or in their face...... Even better!
There was an empty chair next to him so I captained him!
by Paulie Bhoy September 27, 2013
Top Definition
to add Captain Morgan to something
Rob: "I just captained my coffee"
Joe: "Nice!, I wish I had captained my coffee"
by rumforestrum April 29, 2011
When someone gets unexpectedly kicked in the balls hard enough to make them cry. While the person who kicked the other person balls yells Captain! too further humiliate the other person.
Dude Tom owes me money when i find him he is getting Captained.

CAPTAIN!....(getting kicked in the balls) Dude you just got CAPTAINED
by fenton-gorrilla410 April 15, 2010
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