The most famous phreak of all time, who discovered that the whistles that came in boxes of Captain Crunch cereal emitted perfect 2600 Hz tones. 2600Hz was the frequency used by Bell's switching systems to indicate a trunk being freed. By sending 2600Hz after making a call to a WATs line after they hung up, you could trick the phone network into giving you another dial tone, on which you are not charged. You could then send MF tones to dial your second (free) call. Steve Wozniac, co-founder of apple computer supposedly used this trick to prank the pope without paying anything or being at all traceable. None of this stuff works anymore, of course.
Captain Crunch whistles are now sold out of the back of 2600 magazines for $99. But they don't actually do anything anymore.
by W8Something November 06, 2004
Top Definition
The only cereal brand that includes dingleberries. Captain Crunch All-Bran With Dingleberries is very rare and seldom to be found. This is because dingleberries are seasonal (they are more abundant during the hot summer months) and handpicked.
I die for my Captain Crunch with Dingleberries!
by Hugh G Rection March 23, 2005
a hero and inspiration to us all. a character commonly seen during acid trips.
captain crunch tried to kill me which is strange cause hes such a kick ass mother
by anonoymous726389 October 21, 2004
Some bunk ass weed sold by some cracker jack ass niggas usually contains seeds stems leaves and is dry and crunchy know to cause headaches
The homie: yo this nigga Nathan was tryna sell me some captain crunch it was full of seeds and hedge clippings it fell apart right when i touched it.
ME: Haha the nigga was prolly trying to scrape up some money for a decent hair cut for once haha.
by THE CAPTAIN January 06, 2014
1) a corn and oat breakfast cereal invented in 1963 and sold by Quaker Oats. While being delicious, Captain Crunch has been well known for producing minor lacerations to the upper roof of the mouth. Also known as Cap'n Crunch.

2) A popular name for LSD in the 1960s. It was called this because acid was commonly sold on sugar cubes and Captain Crunch cereal in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
1) For breakfast, we ate the delicious Captain Crunch cereal.

2) We took some Captain Crunch and went on a crazy psychedelic trip.
by Ebag Nigel Gunther March 07, 2015
when you are performing oral sexual acts on a girl and solid vaginal discharge enters your mouth giving you a crunchy delight.
Wow Gina gave me sum captain crunch last nite!
by Swales February 07, 2007
1) A fairly sweet, crunchy cereal
2) To pay for someone's lunch, but make them pay for your dinner, which will likely cost a good deal more. A pretty sleazy way to save money and screw someone.
Comes from Master P's "Hoody Hoo", from the line "You da captain, I'm da crunch, you got the dinner, I got lunch."
3) To screw someone out of anything by being extremely cheap.
Dag dogg, I wanted a hamburger, but instead we got stuck with this damn bowl of Captain Crunch. They really captain crunched us on that one.

Yuri: "Yo Umberto I thought your mom was gonna make us steak tonight, but instead we're stuck with this damned cheesefish. What the dillio?"
Umberto: "Yeah she really captain crunched us this time."
Mom: "Shut up kids and eat your damned CHEESEFISH!!!"
Yuri: "Dogg you better put the cap on the kitchen cleaner."
by Nick D October 30, 2003
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