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It is NOT fuck you.
its FUCK.

Jebise is FUCK YOU in serbian.

vazi brate? aj caoos!
Ejjj, jebote that shit was awsome !!!
#jebote #fuck #fuck you #fucker #serb
by MalaaSerbian May 25, 2009
Serbian. Morphologically this is short for "jebao te" = past tense of the transitive verb jebati, 3rd person singular, with te = you as the direct object. Thus, literally: he fucked you, or idiomatically: may you be fucked. In usage, this is a universal expletive expressing great impression or strong experience. It is not pejorative. A plausible link between the usage meaning and the origin is: "so intense that you (one) may get fucked". The closest English expression would be "Shit man!"
Jebote, koja vrucina! = Shit man, it's hot!

Jebote, kako me pali! = Shit man, he turns me on!
#jebati #jebiga #jebi se #yebote #jebem ti
by ottercat August 22, 2010
Fuck you in Serbian.
Jebote asshole.
by Damien November 16, 2003
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