C.A.P. = Cambodian American Princess also known as Cappy

A typical CAP is a girl who was fortunate enough to have parents that survived a civil war and genocide in Cambodia and was able to come to America as a refugee and make a good, respectable life for themselves.

These girls are humble, grateful, generous, gorgeous, quirky and smart; yet they can be complete and total snobs, are secretive, weird and can be slow at times. Contradicting? Maybe.

Let me explain: Because their parents came to America with literally nothing with them but hopes of a better life for their children, these Cambodian American Princesses are spoiled to the core because Mommy and Daddy wants to give them everything they couldn't have. But, because the CAPs know their background and history, they are grateful towards their parents and treat them with the utmost respect and usually thrive in school with little effort (occasionally they will play the "uhhh, I suck at math" card to hide the fact that they are low key super nerds).

Unfortunately, their outlook with the rest of the world is a different story. Because they have access to Daddy's account, they tend to be attracted to superficial matters. For example, they buy brand name for the sake of brand name or they refuse to associate with anyone who is not with the "in" crowd. In other words, they like to stick with their own kind; popular, rich, and not ugly.
CAP's are a minority in the Cambodian community, but you can usually spot a CAP in North Long Beach, San Diego, Diamond Bar, OC, Stockton, they're spread out in West Los Angeles, and they are also found in South San Francisco, California.

CAP #1: Crap! Where are my keys?!

CAP #2: Uhh..they're in the ignition - because you know, you're driving . . .

CAP #1: Oh yeahh!

CAP #2: . . .

CAP #2: How did you get into med school again?

CAP #1: Because you're still single and I have a hot, rich boyfriend.

CAP #2: Fuck You. ( becomes depressed and looks like shit for 2 months straight)

Friend: Check please.

CAP: Oh, I got it.

Friend: Dude, you got it last time AND you just got the movie tickets.

CAP: I'm insecure because my personality is lame so I resort to buying people things so they can like me, therefore I got the check.

Friend: Oh yeahhh.

Friend: I almost forgot why we were friends in the first place. Okay, you pay.

CAP: Fuck You. (becomes depressed and looks like shit for 2 months straight)
by capsucksss October 28, 2009
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to shoot someone with a handgund turned to the side
nigga back off or im a cap yo ass wit a rusty nine!
by Nick The Hobo March 07, 2004
Originally, a kneecap. The phrase "bust a cap" originated in Northern Ireland several years before entering urban gangsta culture, and referred to the nonlethal (but fantastically painful and disabling) practice of firing a firearm at close range into the crook of the knee. The practice served, and in some areas continues to serve, primarily as an intimidation tactic, and the victim becomes a hobbling reminder of what happens to "the enemy."
I told him I'd bust a cap in his ass, but it turns out he didn't have an asscap after all, so I let him go.
by Fiasco November 08, 2004
n. bullets
Let's peel some caps back, yo.
by Holden McCrank March 14, 2003
n. the caps of psychadelic mushrooms, mushrooms in general
we ate an 1/8 of caps and tripped for hours
by jim June 24, 2003
refers to the ignition cap at the base of a cartridge for a firearm. "bust a cap" means break the cap by pulling the trigger, setting off the explosion that propels the bullet
"back off befo i cap yo ass!"
by bjg March 09, 2003
Caps lock on a computer keyboard. Represents SHOUTING in chat rooms,IRC chats and forums...
'Turn your caps off! It looks like your shouting!'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
Term used for the cap of a mushroom, usually one of the psychedelic nature.
"I ate a stem and three caps."
by Sledulous June 29, 2009
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