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The section of flesh between the cunt and the anus
See also banus
My cock missed re-entry and rammed into her canus
by Drew Christx November 11, 2004
Pronounced kay-nuhs. It is the area between the cunt and the anus.
Her juice drained from her cunt toward her anus, via her canus! Yummmmy.
by tdaddy916yadadaibooboo October 05, 2009
Idiot who likes to headbutt people when he doesn't know how else to respond.
Did you see the way he headbutted Overcast? Canus is fucking crazy.
by Lashlol May 27, 2012
The art of inserting a cactus into one's anus.
I hated this nub so much I wanted to canus him.
by Flavid December 03, 2011
when there is a tear from cunt to anus during birth (due to sidewinder baby), creating the "black hole"
i gave my mom a sick canus when i was born
by K April 26, 2005
The epitome of coolness or greatness. Insurpassably wonderful. Completely and totally Pimp.
"Dude, that's totally canus"
by Ray October 22, 2003
Holy shit balls cool
"That stunt was CANUS!!"
by DaPimp October 22, 2003
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