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To leverage the suffering of innocent people for an unreasonable request that would otherwise be unmet. To bargain in bad faith during a time of crisis.
Do you think that our roommate john will help fix the roof this weekend?

He's cantoring for us to fix his car even though the roof will leak without his help. What a jerk.

I know you broke your arm, but I still won't drive you to the hospital for anything less than $10,000.

Don't cantor with me you vile cretin. I need a doctor!
by Tired of this Shit Already September 03, 2011
17 2
title for one who has never kissed a girl, nor has any intention to.
Guy: Yo you think john got with that girl from the bowling alley?

Tuck: Nah definitely not hes a total cantor.
by thetuckmeister May 12, 2011
13 4