Lady lays on the floor man sits on her legs either side and either just just jerks off over her or webbing over her. for those that it floats there boat so to speak can throw in a cleveland steamer

Also be known for group of men to take turns to canoe.
Man , did you see that vid of Rich canoeing over Kat
by cjw957 September 14, 2011
The act of paddling a canoe.
I went canoeing with Anne on the Juniper Spring River run in Ocala National Forest, and we had a great time. Many of the people in front of us did not know how to canoe and would go from bank to bank, and then flip their canoes. The alligators love it when the little pink paddlers float right up to them.
by mlhiss April 02, 2008
While perfoming anal sex rather than shooting your load, you urinate in the persons bunghole.
I was having anal sex with her and I decided to canoe her instead.

I hate that guy for canoeing me!
by Nolan Cragun September 29, 2006
When you are smoking a joint, blunt, cig etc. and the ember starts to just move down the side of it.
"Dude, spin the blunt when you hit it, it's canoeing."
by jay17305 May 25, 2016
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