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1. In baseball, an easy pop fly to catch or an easy play.
2. Something that is not challenging.
The centerfielder put that away like a "can of corn".
by Paul Rusnak April 25, 2006
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Something very simple and/or easy.
"Can of Corn Rob, Can of Corn"
by Mateo de Beisbol April 25, 2007
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1. While batting in baseball...hitting a can of corn.
In the early 1920's underprivileged children used to use discarded cans of corn made in factories to practice batting
"Heeeyyyy Baaattteeerrr....Can of Corn!"
by Bill Telfer is WRONG May 12, 2008
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1. A term used to descirbe the certainty that Nomar Garciaparra will win the golden glove award.
"Hey Kory, what are Nomar Garciaparra's chances of winning a Gold Glove this year?"
"Can of corn Jim, can of corn"
by Tyrone Gangstalicious August 02, 2006
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