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the ability to pick up a person of the opposite sex. to have game.
Man ive been having a good game with the ladies lately. My campaign has been strong.

My campaign was presidential last night. I picked up 2 girls.

Bro, you dont know how to close the deal. Ur campain is worse than Sarah Palin's.
by twotone530 November 03, 2010
when you are feeling drunk so ur campaign (game) is much better.
Hey man, how'd it go with the ladies at the club last night.

I was on my champagne campaign.
by TwoTone530 November 03, 2010
the act of becoming jacked/fit/ripped/cut upon exiting from prison. aka county prison
I heard Tony got out the joint last week. Yea man, hes straight county cut. i wouldnt mess with him
by twotone530 April 20, 2011

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