We all know that the camel toe is the crease in a womans pants that displays the crease in her vagina, as seen in the pics this can also happen to a man.

Here is your very own CAMEL TOE home game.
Step 1- Grab your pants by the waist band.
Step 2- Now try to pull them up to your shoulders.
Step 3- Share your brand new camel toe with your friends and family.
by Bait for Sin September 20, 2006
When the woman's pants are so tight you can see how big her pussy is. Something that's worth staring at besides her tits.
Sorority girls have the biggest camel toes. :`D
by urban pervert February 24, 2003
a tasty treat that you can eat
camel toe: sweet dessert
by katiebm July 06, 2006
when a girl wheres a thong that is to tight and u can see the outlines of the vagina,its kinda like a wedgie and looks like a hard taco in her pants ( its great cause girls usually dont know if they have a camel toe and if you look down at it she wont think ur a pervert cause ur not looking at her boobs).
i looked at her pants and saw the two lumps, she didnt care cause i was looking down and not up at her boobs.she didnt know she had a camel toe.
by Flynard August 19, 2008
When a girls downstairs lips push up against her tight pants and you can almost read what they are saying......also known as 'mumblers'!!

Her pants were so tight that I could see her lips moving but I struggled a little to read what they were telling me!!


Him: you have a massive camel toe!
Her: what the hell is a camel toe?
Him: your pussy has teeth and it eating your pants!
by The Lum October 01, 2007
camel toe. when girls wear shorts, pants etc.. that are too tight in the front/ride up. not attractive.
"omg..look how hot shelby is! i love her shorts!... (shelby turns to face them) OH! SHIT! WHAT A CAMEL TOE! EWWW!
by dickweed. May 25, 2009
A camel toe is the hoof of a camel. It is sometimes used to describe when a girls' pants are sucked into her crotch, most likely due to the striking similarities of a camels' toe and the vagina.
"A camel toe must be pretty buffed figuring all the sand it has to travel over in the desert."
by defgtyu August 07, 2006

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