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The hoof of a camel.
My camel's toe became wet after he put it in the oasis.
by Solinox May 20, 2004
A name given to someone who masturbates excessively.
Woah, take it easy there, Palm Pilot.
by Solinox May 14, 2004
The shafted part of the male sex organ that is inserted into a woman's vagina (or a person's anus, mouth, ear, or armpit) for sexual intercourse and/or pleasure; the name also alludes to the fact that it "shoots" semen. See penis, wang, jonhson, prick, schlong, dick, ramrod, cock, man o' war.
To Rebecca's joy, Gary fired his love pistol into her face, showering her with rounds of manjuice.
by Solinox June 19, 2005
A slang term for a penis. See cock, ramrod, love pistol, peckerhead, dick, johnson, wang, schlong.
The Portugese girl was thrilled at the sight of the Man o' War sailing into her port.
by Solinox June 19, 2005

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