When a girl has masturbated too much thus resulting in an enlargement of the lips of the vagina. This coupled with tight jeans results in the effect of what looks like a hump or "camel toe" in the pants by the said vagina.
"Damn bro you see her camel toe?"
"Hellz yeah that shit is huge, its like 3 combined into 1"
by Day-umSooonnn May 21, 2009
there are two types of camel toes the 1st one is from tight clothes. the 2nd type of camel toe is caused from alot of sex and playing with yourself, the 1st one you see outside of the clothes but not when the clothes are taken off, the second one you see when nude and outside of the clothes.
50% of girls that have camel toes have had sex more than once.
by truthness. June 12, 2009
the safety word for the sisterhood of the traveling facials in our bananahammock!!!!!
Guy: Hey baby how are you?
Girl: CAMEL TOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's when the sisterhood of the traveling facials in our bananahammock CUMSHOT on the guy!! We literally save our girl from the enemy.

p.s. Bananahammock means speedo
by MarimiaU February 10, 2009
When a girl has cameltoe it means they are tough.
This definition originated from the terrible movie
~The Weatherman~ and was the only redeeming quality.
Dad what does cameltoe mean? It...well, it means you're tough!
by BeanMachine June 12, 2008
Although to popular belief this is a sexual thing it is in fact a person the great camel toe teacher
I Will not have you in my classroom for i have bad camel-toe that i dont want you all to see
by Waheyyyy May 23, 2007
when a girl pikks her pants up to high creating a V-shaped between her groin and thighs.
commonly found on gurls that buy their pants in roosevelt for 5 dollars, mostly short mexican gurls that have a muffin top and small butts.
omgg do yu like my new pants? i got them at roosevelt
eww no! yu have a camel toe!
by go0gles179 July 10, 2009
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