7 definitions by rararajaj

When you can see the shape a woman's pussy lips through her pants - in other words, a beautiful sight.
Looking at camel toes makes my dick hard.
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
A woman having sex with two men at the same time, with both penises in her vagina.
Teri Weigel, ex Playboy playmate was the first to do a double vaginal that I have ever seen.
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
A porn starlet, who looks innocent but does the nasties things, like ATM's DV's, DA's, multiple internal cumshots, etc...

Can be used as an adjective for an innocent-lookin girl who likes really nasty sex.
Man, I heard her boyfriend and his buddy ganged up on her, she's a real Aurora Snow.
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
Totally screwed up; performed exceptionally poorly
"You lost the Johnson account?? You fucked a dog this time!!"
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
A woman who uses the internet to seduce many men.
"Use a rubber when you fuck those cyber sluts"
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
Taking a corner on a fast motorcycle, with the bike leaned over so far you have to drag your knee to maintain balance. Knee pads with plastic or even metal pucks are made for this purpose.
Mitch Boehm is a real knee dragger
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
The state of being totally inebriated.
"You don't remember fucking Jennifer?"

"No man, I was totally 86'd!"
by rararajaj October 23, 2003

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