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Display of the shape of the labia through overly tight trousers. Said to resemble the foot of a camel
That girl is cameltoeing so bad, you can practically see her thatch.
by Martin Judas Carter January 24, 2003
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The slang term for the sometimes cronic condition affecting the genital region specifically in women and officially listed in medical references as "dromedary tarsal phalanxosis"
...the patient in question, having a 47 inch girth and a substantially prominent mons-pubis, had somehow managed to force herself into a pair of size 2 capri pants resulting in the onset of lateral pelvic running-boardititis accompanied by a terminal case of dromedary tarsal phalanxosis, otherwise known as "camel toe syndrome".
by A. Mike. J. August 17, 2006
the frontal wedgie some women get when pulling up their pants too far.
Pull your pants down grandma, you have a camel toe.
by bMIODSMTOIW April 15, 2003
women with g strings five sizes too small
by paul merritt May 22, 2002

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