In Ultimate Frisbee, you catch a disc thrown by your opponent in your endzone and score a point. It is the coolest thing in Frisbee.
by hotdish March 27, 2009
Using ones left hand to flitter and twiddle the external genitalia, or snatch of a clueless female who is trying unsuccessfully to be humorous or witty.

At the recent Texas vs. Nebraska college football game, a female Nebraska fan (Who thought she was being quite funny.) was seen wearing a shirt with the slogan: Callahan This. The shirt also had a large arrow pointing down to the minge.
“She thought she was being hilarious, so I Callahaned her.”

“When my girlfriend tells a bad joke, I laugh sarcastically really loud and then Callahan her cooter.”
by George Henry October 28, 2007
The T-shirt a pretty girl's wearing on an advertising picture of the same brand name, currently on the right of your screen (doesn't work all the time).
Jon : Hey dude, look on the right of your screen !
Doe : Oh an advertisement for Callahan !
Jon : You got it.
by SureIloveyoudarling August 16, 2009
An elderly confused man, suffering from dementia. Reliving his glory days without realizing he is indeed much past his prime. Essentially any 80 year old who believes he is still capable of being a functioning member of society.
The orderlies at the Mohecan elderly home on fox news were quoted "These Callahans just don't realize how little they are capable of anymore. They're stuck in the past, believing they are still playing college football with their leather helmets."
by Goulet198 September 15, 2009

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