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Spanish for "to take a fuckin shit"
¡Dios mío!, me cagué.
by iowa dogg June 26, 2005
Spanish verb (infitive form) which means: shitting

(the act of taking a crap, not shit as a remark)
Espera, necesito cagar antes de salimos.
(Wait, I need to shit before we leave.)
by siempre tu mierda sale verde March 12, 2005
espanol(vulgarisimo) inf. verb- 1)to shit 2)to take a poop on someone

see also mierda
Voy a cagar en tu pecho. (im going to shit on your chest)
by Senor Quigles February 26, 2006
When a male (usualy drunk) accidentally slips his penis into a womans anus while having sex with her.
Whoah last night I met some chick at the club and went back to her place. I was fucking her doggy when I pulled a cagar on her!
by BigBoyBiggance October 15, 2007
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