An ill-bred generic male hanger-on who flirts with everything that moves. Cads are often found in high numbers in clubs, music festivals and beach parties. Somewhat synonymous with jock. Cads prize pack mentality over individualism and may be hard to tell apart. Cads lack manners and social graces and are particularly fond of cat-calling and swooning.

Less educated young women may find themselves seduced by a cad, but experienced ladies are immune to the cad's infantile behaviour and unrefined advances.
The beach volleyball area is full of cads. Good for eye candy and not much else
by MrKapper Is Back December 12, 2012
Top Definition
A rogue, or bounder. A cad is a man who is aware of the codes of conduct which seperate a gentleman from a ruffian, but finds himself unable to quite live up to them. Cads are quite capable of disguising themselves as good chaps for some time, only revealing their true nature in circumstances of particular stress or temptation. Others embrace their caddishness whole-heartedly and delight in behaving in a manner which is, to be quite frank, not cricket.

They are certainly intelligent, educated, often cultured and frequently very witty, but, alas, are simply unreliable.
"Even by the standards of Permanent Secretaries, Appleby really was rather a cad."
by Medium Dave October 03, 2008
Regency-era swear word, meaning a man who doesn't treat women proper.
Regency woman: Forsooth, Eminem, for thou art such a cad!

Eminem: Yo, shut yo mouth yo beeatch, and suck mah cock, and den yall fuck off back to yo own time zone

Regency woman: (faints at hearing so much bad language)
by Andy April 20, 2004
A cad is someone who can be quite charming, intelligent, capable of engaging in stimulating conversation, ultimately presenting himself as a gentlemen. A cad, however, is not a gentleman because he systematically cons lovely ladies into falling in love with him and then openly cheats on them. He is completely selfish with only feigned regard for women's feelings. Somewhat like a playboy but instead of being open about his philanderings, a cad usually pretends to care about a woman before coitus, thereby confusing the woman when he drops her like a hot potato. He is dishonest with most people around him (often even himself). Cads also frequently have addiction issues.
Dude 1: Is James Bond a cad?
Dude 2: Nah, at least the Bond Girls don't expect him to stick around and he doesn't pretend to make them feel special.
by fake leather shoes January 28, 2010
Acronym for Computer Aided Design, which is the use of computer technology for creating 2D or 3D design-models. CAD is used for creating the blueprints of numerous real world designs and innovations.
For the creation of the Navy's new battleship, workers toiled for days developing a working model with CAD software.

The CAD professor was in the process of showing the class how to revolve objects about a centerline, when he realized one of the students was playing computer games.
by suave45 October 16, 2010
someone who acts like a COMPLETE butt to girls but is SO handsome. Most guys who know him think he is a total jerk because he disagrees with all their beliefs.
Rhett- "Scarlett, i'm leaving you here in Georgia as the civil war rages on to go join the completly lost Confederate cause."


Rhett- (picks Scarlett up and kisses her)
by moony101 March 14, 2008
Computer Aided Drafting- used in many fields of design from Architecture to texture design. Greastest Drafting tool ever inventer
I had to CAD those drawings, it would have taken me forever to draw and Ink
by the ARChitect March 08, 2005
Webcomic, widely considered to be a rip-off of the popular Penny Arcade.
Christ, those guys at the CAD forums are nerds.
by Bertha Morgan August 12, 2003
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