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A prickly, fiery burning in the rectal cavity during the act of defecation, as though one were passing a cactus through the colon.
Remind me not to get the Inferno Burger next time we go out to eat; that gave me mad cactus ass.
by Dodger Of Zion November 16, 2010
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The prickly, greasy, "Cactus" feeling in which booty sweat and booboo residue remain in the anus for a lengthy amount of time.
Sometimes when I work out, I end up getting Cactus ass if I don't shower right after!
by Rat Brown May 04, 2011
One who has prickly hairs growing out of his ass.
Damn go shave that cactus ass!
get the fuck outta my bed ya cactus ass muthafucka!
by patty bullet June 24, 2006

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