mah, mah, may, look at the caboose on that.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
The submissive, receiving participant in a train, or gang-bang of many men taking turns on one receiver.
"Word is that Melinda was the caboose in that gang-bang that everybody's talking about, but she won't say either way."
by Cheese Sandwich June 19, 2006
1.)Another word for a womans piece of fine ass.
2.)The Junk In The Trunk
Damn my nigga, jenna caboose keep gettin bigger and nicer every day!
by Ballabrad March 05, 2005
A guy in middle school who is about to move on to high school funny and weird in the way as the guy in red vs blue. See caboost
Caboose you stole my bike
by CabooseYO October 12, 2006

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