crazy ass bitch; used often by people to call someone usually of the female sex to describe her as a psycho ho.
Wow, that slut is a cab.

That cab wanted me to be home at 10.
by Steven Scheibe April 19, 2007
CAB -n - acronym that arranges to a word familiar to a pedestrian that walks the streets of New York. Initial meaning is "Cunt Ass Bitch". Permeated throughout the Northeast town of Allenhurst by Kate O'Rourke. She discovered this word while backpacking through Europe while she was studying abroad.
"Wow, that tourist was such a CAB" exclaimed young Billy, as he was flung to the sidewalk by the oblivious tourist...
by Chris Fumatumahufalla May 05, 2009
An evil metaphoric vehicle used when breaking up.
Dude, did you hear? Bob took a cab and now Bill's all alone, poor guy...
by blahblahblahhhh January 14, 2009
Acronym for Crash and Burn; Can be used to describe a burnout or a tenacious hangover

"I CAB'd last much did I drink?"
"It's a shame when such promising students CAB under pressure"
by Michael De May 24, 2008
Cheating Aussie Bastard. Came into effect the time of Aussie criketer Alan Border. Took the phrase 'that's not cricket' and made it his mantra. Would appeal every decision and demeaning the gentile game. Has now trickled down to all Aussie sportsmen.
Too numerous to give a full list. Here is a selection:
Ian Thorpe (no one has feet that big without intensive use of Baby Bio as a kid)
George 'A quick word ref' Gregan
Mark 'Bookies Cash?' Waugh
Justin 'Plank' Harrison
And the Crowned Prince of all CABs - Shane 'I thought it would help me lose weight, honest' and 'I didn't know he was a bookie and wanted to bribe me' Warne.
All alleged, of course.
by The Strut September 29, 2004
Abbr/ Cabbage. To be really hopeless at something.
Man, you are sew totally cab~
by wump March 23, 2003
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