(n. or adj.) 1. stands for cunt ass bitch. 2. an insult.
Ew. That girl is such a cab.
by torquemada:D April 14, 2011
clown ass bitch
That girl is a cab.
by babygirl38 December 09, 2009
CAB is a Cute Asian Boy. Used for an Asian guy between 16 and 30 who is hot. Can be nerd hot, but the guy must have a good haircut /style.
Giselle: Did you see that guy by the door? His hair is gorgeous.
Maria: Yeah, what a CAB!
by Kohlsong October 22, 2008
Acronym for Crazy Angry Bitch
She can be such a CAB sometimes
by verg787 September 23, 2008
Short for 'cabbage'. Used to describe someone who is really dumb.
Shame; you're in the cab class.
by Your mum's May 05, 2008
an acronym meaning "Cunt Ass Bitch"

as in.. "you are a C.A.B."

can also be used as CAB
Don't be such an F C.A.B. (fucking cunt ass bitch)
by A.J. Thomas January 23, 2008
crazy ass bitch; used often by people to call someone usually of the female sex to describe her as a psycho ho.
Wow, that slut is a cab.

That cab wanted me to be home at 10.
by Steven Scheibe April 19, 2007

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