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A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning:


but said in normal life
c8, c8!!! wtf?
by Lorne Richardson July 06, 2003
Finnish word "sekaisin" or "sekasin", where c means the "se-" part of the word and 8 is for the "-kasi" part. In english, it means "crazy".
Oot c8.

= "You are crazy."
by janne March 20, 2005
When viewed sideways it appears to be a mans crotch.
c8 like a smily but sexual :D
by PoisonedPoo June 16, 2011
Similar in many ways to the Colt m4, the C8 is the carbine version of the Canadian Forces C7.
Manufactured by Diemaco.
The C8 retains their "a1" iron sights, as they are not accurate enought to warrant Elcan optics.
by Jarvy October 07, 2003
Abbreviation for Castle Infinity, a cool, free online game.
by Doc Sigma August 25, 2003

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