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A shortened and lightweight version of a particular rifle. This concept was originally used by cavalry units, who needed a smaller firearm than your everyday musket, but more effective than a pistol.
The m4 is the carbine version of the M16a2.
by Jarvy October 07, 2003
An animation of a spinning cock. Spinning cocks are more common than you might think.
See 4chan
by Jarvy February 09, 2005
N. Shortened form of "Air Cavalry" AKA the Air-Mobile division of the United States Army. Infantry who "leap in and out of battle" using helicopters.
The Air Cav dropped in a platoon to clear the LZ of hostiles.
by Jarvy December 09, 2003
Similar in many ways to the Colt m4, the C8 is the carbine version of the Canadian Forces C7.
Manufactured by Diemaco.
The C8 retains their "a1" iron sights, as they are not accurate enought to warrant Elcan optics.
by Jarvy October 07, 2003
Adj. Tireless, will never "run out of steam."

N. A badass name for a ship of war.
1) His election campaign was indifatigable!

2) The HMS Indifatigable engaged and sunk the French frigate.
by Jarvy December 09, 2003
N. A minute, a length of time that is observed in New York City. Does not differ from a regular minute.
A New York Minute is sixy seconds, just like in the rest of the world.
by Jarvy December 09, 2003

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