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Short for Christmas day.Used when texting or talking to people online.
How was your C-day?
Brah!I got a bunch of presents including a phone.
by Mrz.Cullen January 05, 2009
a gay thing that crips or wannabe crips do when shortening b-day. ooo crip day!!
happy c-day michelle hong
by Brittany Sanchez December 21, 2004
Snoop Doggs birthday, the c coming from his real name Calvin Broadus.
Happy C-day Snoop!
by fuckkedthissshittupp November 16, 2011
An alternative to a birthday for a person who was not "born" but brought into the world via cesarean section. Thus because this person was not born, they cannot have a b-day or birthday, and they must have a c-day or cesareanday.
Trevor: Happy b-day Derek!
Derek: I think you mean c-day, you see I was not "born", it was more like... have you seen the movie Alien?
by Hansel, Gretel and Darth Vader April 03, 2011