A dance traditionarily done by african americans in a seremony of getting "buck" and "crunk"
My Nigga pookie be c walkin like a fool yo.
by mkic0n January 20, 2003
Top Definition
a crip gang member dance taking from the mexican dance called "La Cucaracha" adopted by african americans in watts circa 1970's.
c walkin' going on i'm a blood time to leave the party, now.
by og homie November 11, 2005
Not a dance move, the c-walk was originated by Crips to taunt and insult the Bloods, it was also done when they murdered a person they would c-walk ta represent there set. C-walk course short for Crip Walk. The c-walk is movement in your feet ta give people the idea that yer floating. Crips usually spell out the name of there set with there feet. DONT C-WALK UNLESS YER A CRIP ITS NOT A DANCE
"Just cause we talkin, wacha doin c-walkin, it aint just a dance its a way a livin, so if you c-walkin, u besta c-cripin, and that goes for kids to, and r&b singers, nigga quit crip walkin if you aint a gang banga"-Snoop Dogg in "The Streets" by WC
by Vulture1 August 31, 2005
To a dance step where one identifies them self as a crip, can be charicterized by a bouncy movement, unlike the b walk which is less bouncy
Shit he can c walk like a mutha'- fuckin' masta!!!
by MCwhitefish May 04, 2003
A ritual that developed into a form of dance among Crips.
C-walk to this - Snoop Dogg
by DROC July 27, 2005
C-Walk is short for "Crip Walk". Although most practioners of C-Walking claim that it isn't a dance (it's more of a ritual) it is still often done to music as if it was a dance. C-Walking is a form of strutting that originated from the gang culture of Los Angeles, California and has gained in popularity among youth worldwide, mostly through rap and R&B videos. In some areas, mainly in Southern California, C-walking is still strongly associated with gangs and can be taken as an insult by an opposing gang member which can lead to fights and even murder. If a Crip catches a non-Crip doing the C-Walk it too can lead to a fight or murder. Sometimes different sets of the same gang will "battle" eachother, which is a competition to see who's Walk is better. There are also other walks, which are not as popular in the mainstream such as B-Walk (done by the Bloods gang) and Cholo Walking (done primarily by Hispanic gangs).
"Get your walk on, get your head right
I know you feelin the shit, shit is dead right
Get your bounce on, back that ass up
Bitch pass me the bottle, fill your glass up" - Xzibit
by Sodomy Sanchez May 27, 2004
Crip walk, dance created by the Crips gang
Cwalk to this. (Snoop)
by BaZZ V February 23, 2004

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