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"But why dood?"; a ancient term used by the old ASF (Awesomesaucefilms)crew- Also known as TheBajanCanadian, Jeromeasf, Noochm, Hippolppih on Youtube. The name that created the bYd Podcasts (check them out, they are a great laugh)
"The Creatures aint got shit on bYd"- Quote Mitchell Hughes 2012
by SlightlyNormalRandomPerson February 18, 2015
"Back-yard Drunk"

When you wake up the next morning in your backyard with puke stains on your shirt, not knowing what the hell happened last night!
uhoh, it's Gus' birthday, HE'S GETTING BYD TONIGHT!
by jodayyy May 09, 2011
big yellow dick

When an Asian is surprisingly well hung.
Heather went out with Ichiro last night and she said he had a BYD. Wow that was not expected.
by Ichironimo September 05, 2013
Beat. Your. DICK.
Your hand smells funny. I know you just BYD.
by Ilove.johnnie December 21, 2015
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