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Sekz up the butt.
y helo thar buttsekz? LOLOL
by GastonRabbit February 07, 2004
The one word that can get you kicked from img chat faster than Unit_X can lacrosse his Swedish meatballs.
When MadMoose and Settin are not in img chat, they are engaging in incestuous buttsekz!

Chanserv: You have been kicked from #img
by ProfessorX April 15, 2004
verb: the end result of trying to placate one's innermost desires of having intercourse with a woman by setting up a blind date over the internet
<hopscotch> how did the date go last night
<prae> it was ok, but there was buttsekz
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
The point at which Citan Uzuki decides to make use of his sword, in the capital of Solaris. (commonly referred to as ultrabuttsekz)

Etymology: 13th century Latin: "Buttsekzere"-- to deal insane amounts of damage with hyper deathblows
Wow, Citan is so much stronger and so graceful after buttsekz
by goutham February 27, 2003

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