Smallest unit of measuring assignments or work. Equivalent to 1/10 a shitload but only 1/100 of a f***load and hardly equivalent to 1/1000 of a motherf***ingload.

However according to Lay-man's law of increasing marginal procrastination the magnitude of a buttload increases exponentially if there is a "due-date" factor.
For example if you have a midterm 2,500 word essay due in three months, one would say "I have a butt load of work,".

If it's due in two months, "Mein I have a shitload of work..." And one month "F*** I have a f***load of work!"

Then one night (give or take a few minutes before class) "WTF, I have a a motherf***ingload of work!!!"

But citing Lay-man's final principle of marginal procrastination- "terminal improbability" once all time has elapsed on the "due-date" and no acting impetus to initiate work has come about there is "utter finality" or "F*** this motherf***ing essay"
by -Dre182 September 18, 2011
Top Definition
N. 1. An extremely large quantity of anything that takes up space. 10x bigger than an assload , and 100x bigger than a shitload , yet smaller than a truckload.
The teach gave me a buttload of math homework tonight.. and i have to show my work!
by FinalPhoenix October 08, 2003
a large load, of about 108 imperial gallons (491 liters). From the middle-english 'butt' (n), which is a large cask/container used for storing liquids, esp wine
I drank a buttload last night and had to get my stomach pumped from the resulting alcohol poisoning
by The Little Lebowski June 02, 2005
The international phrase for a "large amount," of anything being described.
The my boss dumped a Butt Load of work on my desk for me to finish. After that I quit.
by MacGordon July 18, 2004
n. The amount that can be loaded into the buttocks while causing minimal discomfort. This measurement is not constant but varies depending on the individual. Related factors include rectal diameter, anal elasticity, and cheek-to-hole ratio.
Susie's rear was in pain the next day after taking a full butt-load the previous night.
by Clifford Cocks March 01, 2006
A term used to define a finite sum of something. Generally accepted as an amount somewhere between a lot and a shit-ton. Often noted when speaking in hyperboly and used for extreme emphasis or exaggeration.

shit ton buttload amounticus grandicus
man i've got a butt load of homework to do!

it's warm in here, probably because there's a butt load of butts in here

by David Senette January 19, 2006
Butt Load was offically assigned a quantity of 18 by the Avionics Technicians of VFA-147 while deployed to the Persian Gulf on the USS Nimitz in 1993. (It gets boreing at sea sometimes LOL)
Guys, we have 2 Butt Loads (36) of gripes to work off tonite so turn off the movie.
by Ed USN RET March 09, 2006
More than one person can carry in two hands. Actually has 2 different sources of meaning. 1. From the large size of some women's rear-ends. If you put one hand on each asscheek, it's still too much to handle. 2. The suprsingly large amount of something that a doctor or customs agent is able to find hidden in someone's rectum.
Your mamma was so thankful to me that she gave me a whole buttload of your CD's.
by Word Walock January 11, 2004
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