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Measuring an amount of something using butts.
The size varies because there are different sizes of butts.
Student 1: How much homework do we have to do tonight?
Student 2: I don't know. Let me see. *Sits on homework* I guess a buttload of work.
by pseudoworm November 29, 2012
9 2
the scientific term for a great quantity, usually prolific or copious in nature, occasionally verging on infinity in some cases
Building the Hoover Dam required a butt load of cement.

There's a butt load of stars up there.

For the last two days I've been printing and reading a butt load of articles.
by Bill Nye the Sci Guy October 23, 2005
22 15
A count of something. In this case, 21.
Man, thats a butt-load of screws.
by iron June 08, 2004
13 6
to have a large amount of stuff/items

usually more than 20
I just ate a butt-load of food.
by and_he_said_what? September 19, 2009
8 4
Smallest unit of measuring assignments or work. Equivalent to 1/10 a shitload but only 1/100 of a f***load and hardly equivalent to 1/1000 of a motherf***ingload.

However according to Lay-man's law of increasing marginal procrastination the magnitude of a buttload increases exponentially if there is a "due-date" factor.
For example if you have a midterm 2,500 word essay due in three months, one would say "I have a butt load of work,".

If it's due in two months, "Mein I have a shitload of work..." And one month "F*** I have a f***load of work!"

Then one night (give or take a few minutes before class) "WTF, I have a a motherf***ingload of work!!!"

But citing Lay-man's final principle of marginal procrastination- "terminal improbability" once all time has elapsed on the "due-date" and no acting impetus to initiate work has come about there is "utter finality" or "F*** this motherf***ing essay"
by -Dre182 September 18, 2011
4 1
An actual unit of measurement equal to that of six seams or roughly 450 gallons.
We filled the hot tub with a butt-load of ball pit balls.
by Rabid Golfcart March 13, 2011
5 2
A buttload is 4.3 pounds. Usually describing how much ketchup you need at fast food places.
Person 1:How much ketchup do we need?
Person 2: A buttload
Person 1: That's 4.3 pounds, are you serious??
Person 2: Yes, everyone needs a buttload of ketchup.
Person 1: Oh you! Always on top of things.
by LarkSprite October 12, 2009
34 32