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the act of inhaling ones gas directly from their asshole causing the inhaling party to get "high"
hey i when i was licking her pussy, i started on her asshole, i wetted my thumb with my mouth, then stuck my thumb in her asshole, she farted, and i butthuffed it
by butthuffer anonymous July 01, 2002
The act of soaking a tampon with alcohol and ingesting it through one's anus.
Andrew: Sweet! A tampon!
John: I'll grab the liquor. Let's butt huff!
by Dr Ewskie October 11, 2010
To forcibly cough into ones anus.
That ho was owning my asshole with an awesome rim job, when she started coughing into my ass, she had aids and was about ready to die from a simple cold, and she told me that wasa butt-huff.
by Sexual Debutante July 23, 2008
Idiot, loser, dork, ignoramus, non-thinking person
That butthuff actually submitted that definition to Urban
by Skeeter August 26, 2003
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