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n. a girl, particularily of hispanic origin, that wears hoop earrings big enough to fit your arm through, big shirts and really small, tight shorts. Her shoes would most likely be really big sneakers, such as men's basketball shoes. Her hair would be worn very tightly gelled on her scalp, looking as though it would cut circulation. She probably outlines her lips with lip liner, but doesn't use any lipstick.
"Damnnnnn..look at that hoe ass chonga"
by skeeter February 11, 2004
when your pants are so tight you can see a womans lips move
hey mumble pants i can see your lips moving but i can't hear what you are saying
by skeeter April 08, 2004
Yet another term to define a "lesbian"
Man, look at those two croch cannibals
by Skeeter October 18, 2004
You are doing your girl in the ass, you pull out then Titty fuck her.
I was killing it back door when i decided to give my friend's sister a sticky canoe.
by Skeeter October 12, 2004
Having more than one knows what to do with. (e.g., Servers)
No worries, he's ND80!
by skeeter November 26, 2003
the biggest kind of love there ever was, like that love that a mom has for her kids. Used when "love" is not enough.
I albonzo my cat. She is the best cat ever.
by skeeter March 05, 2005
In Colorado, any tourist from Texas.
I was at the bar this afternoon and a bunch of knobshines walked in wearing full camo outfits.
by skeeter February 27, 2005

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