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The tan/white-ish liquid that forms around the anus of the pornstar while being anal fucked by a guy's cock....
"Cut..Cut... I need someone to go over and wipe the butterscotch off her hole so we can finish filming this porn and go home"
by Jaypro February 21, 2009
5 40
A gathering of people which is not to one's tastes. It is a butters cotch.
You go to ur friends and his Ka-Plunk game is broken, and thus have to watch Scoobie Doo with no sound, because Uncle Jeremiah broke the speakers playing Lil Wayne's Lollipop too loud.

Terry: Yo blad this is bare boring
Ali bin Ali: Get me. This is a butterscotch
by Ben Peng December 31, 2008
5 40
when a man cums on his pointer and middle finger and rub them around an anus.
thomas gave molly a butterscotch
by No fro July 11, 2006
14 49
Leakage of lubrication and bodily fluids on camera during an anal sex scene.
That was a really hot scene until the butterscotch showed up.
by Opie November 24, 2003
37 73