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v. Meaningless chit-chat. Making your acquaintence.

See Mingle.
What a pretty girl. I think I'll go shmooze.
by enbob89 January 29, 2005
Another way of saying cheese burger. Used on the Chappelle
Give me a cheddar burger.
by enbob89 August 12, 2006
To be belligerently up at arms, ready or eager to fight, violently protective.

This expression originates from the southern United States where it is common for houses to have porches. To be "off the porch" means to be in your yard and looking for a fight with any and all tresspassers.
We off the porch ... that means if you walk in our yard, we gon' beat yo ass so bad yo momma won't recognize ya.
-Killa Mike
by enbob89 May 22, 2006
Variant form of nigga.
Used in the movie Boiler Room.

"Yo, shit is yellow, B.
Rizzy's the color, nugga."
by enbob89 October 09, 2005
The unholy union of butter and scotch. One of the few alcoholic dairy products. Exercise extreme caution.
Butterscotch: drink responsibly.
by enbob89 August 12, 2006

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